Launceston Place Brand

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Are the Launceston Place Brand the City of Launceston Council's corporate brand different?
Yes, The Launceston Place Brand was created for the community. The brand provides a distinctive story and set of assets that anyone can use to talk about our city. The City of Launceston's corporate brand represents activities undertaken by the Council from infrastructure to sponsored events. 

What is a place brand?
A place brand is a unifying cultural expression. It presents an authentic, unique story, and can help in communicating the strengths and benefits of a place.

Why does Launceston need one?
To date, Launceston has lacked a cohesive, consistent and coordinated formal identity. For so long, we have cobbled together descriptions of ourselves and our place when communicating who we are.

Now, the Launnie brand provides the knowledge and content to meaningfully present Launceston and surrounds to the world.

Who created the Launceston Place Brand and how did they do it?
In 2018, the City of Launceston set out to define a city brand by understanding our authentic identity. We wanted to know who we are, and what we do; what we value and how we behave. In essence: what makes ‘Launnie’ unique?

The City of Launceston undertook this work alongside a key stakeholder group including members from across business, cultural and social industries, to inform a broad scope of planning around tourism, events and population growth.

The outcome was Launceston Place DNA: an evidence-based summary(PDF, 6MB)  that explained our story as a small city with significant natural, cultural and edible assets and experiences.

The next phase was translating the DNA data into creative assets, so that we could communicate the Launnie story authentically and consistently. Further community consultation helped develop the Launceston Place Brand Guidelines that include a bespoke wordmark, illustrations, narrative, colour palette and photograph library, all which can be used for free. 

How can I use it?
The Place Brand Guidelines explain everything: how, where and why you might use it. Download the Guidelines here.   

Specific examples

Individuals: wear your place on your sleeve, tell others about our story
Businesses: can use narrative in explaining location to clients, use wordmark as place of origin stamp, use high resolution photos on social media, add wordmark and tagline to email signature, apply the design system to your own products
Organisations: HR departments use narrative and video in recruitment campaigns, staff training about Launnie adds to team culture and promotes a pride of place

Do you want to know more?
Please email with any questions and someone from the project team will reply. Alternatively visit the Launceston Place Brand website. 

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