Contracted Suppliers

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As an approved supplier for the City of Launceston, there is some important information you need to know about being engaged for services to the Council including purchase orders, invoicing and certificates of insurance.

Purchase Order

To engage your goods and/or services, an authorised Council Purchasing Agent must provide an approved Council purchase order to you.

Suppliers must receive an actual PDF attachment emailed from the City of Launceston. The City of Launceston is not liable for any goods supplied, or works undertaken without such notification of approval and authorisation.  


Payments to suppliers will be made on presentation of an approved invoice payable as per Council requirements. Invoices received will also need to comply with the Australian Taxation Office Invoicing Requirements.

When invoices are received from suppliers, a three-way document match is required between:

1. The purchase order
2. The goods/service receipt
3. The suppliers invoice stating the relevant purchase order

On the exact match between all three documents, the invoice will be accepted and paid according to Council terms. 

Certificate of Insurance

It is a legal requirement that all suppliers have current and relevant insurance.  A copy of your certificate is required by Council. 

Contact the procurement team for more information and to submit your insurance certificate.