Swimming Pools and Spas


If you're adding a pool or spa to your property you must be aware of relevant regulations and safety requirements for more information please see information in the Building section on the Council site.

Building and Plumbing Permits are required for a swimming pool if the maximum possible water surface area is greater than 9 square metres and the maximum possible water depth is greater than 300 millimetres. Planning approval may also be required. 

Contact our Permit Authority for more information and to apply:

Phone 03 6323 3000

Email Permit.Authority@launceston.tas.gov.au

If you are planning on making your pool or spa available to the public, please see Public Pools and Spas.


All pools and spas must comply with Australian Standard 1926. 1 & 2. This standard is also outlined in the Building Act of Australia (the Act is changing on January 1, 2017).

The standard outlines design rules for fences, pool gates and child resistant doors and windows.

For a free checklist of potential dangers, see Royal Life Saving Society Australia. 


Water in pools and spas become contaminated by use and by adding chlorine and salt. Cleansing pool filters by back washing also produces contaminated waste. Therefore, provision for drainage directly to the sewer is required. Drainage to the ground or to the storm water system is not allowed.

Ornamental pools and fish ponds are not subject to the above requirements, but owners still have the same duty of care.

Other considerations

Carefully consider the placement of noisy equipment, such as heat pumps and filters, associated with your proposed pool or spa.

Noise from such equipment can easily become a nuisance to neighbours. You may need to consider installing sound proofing around this equipment to reduce noise emissions and prevent causing a nuisance. Noise from this equipment must comply with Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Noise) Regulations 2016 

The safe storage of water treatment chemicals must also be considered. Pool and spa chemicals must be kept away from children in a cool, dry and lockable place. 

If you are planning on making your pool or spa available to the public, please also refer to Public Pools and Spas.