Onsite Waste Water Management

An on-site waste water management system is any system that stores, treats and disposes of domestic wastewater on the property.

These systems may be used for waste water treatment and disposal when a reticulated sewerage system connection is unavailable. Further information about on-site waste water management is available from the Department of Justice

Prior to installation or modification of an on-site waste water management system, approval must be obtained from Council. This is achieved by engaging a suitably qualified person to undertake a site and soil evaluation and design a system for you. This report must then be submitted with a Plumbing Permit application to the City of Launceston Permit Authority. Any proposed system must be accredited under the Tasmanian Plumbing Code.

The documents listed below must accompany an application for a Plumbing Permit as per the Directors List Schedule 2, Part 3: 

  1. Design report (including a site and soil evaluation in accordance with AS/NZS1547:2012) prepared by a suitably qualified person.
  2. Complete drawings of the installation, drawn to a scale of not less than 1:200 and including:
    1. title boundaries
    2. contours and slope
    3. type of disposal system
    4. any existing or proposed buildings  on the site
    5. roads and/or driveways
    6. watercourses seasonal or otherwise
    7. the position of the system including trenches or other application
    8. any cut-off drains to divert surface or groundwater
    9. inspection openings or vents
    10. reserve areas
    11. easements and setbacks
  3. Form 35 - Certificate of Responsible Designer (Plumbing Work) 


Subject to assessment of the suitability of the site for the proposed system, an application for a Plumbing Permit application may be refused, approved or approved with conditions.

Once the system is installed the owner must ensure that all conditions placed on the permit are complied with, and that the system does not create a nuisance through odour, run-off or by any other means. 

An Onsite Waste Water Management System that requires ongoing maintenance shall be commissioned by a licensed person and a report submitted to the City of Launceston's Permit Authority before an occupancy certificate can be issued.