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Are you a young person living in Launceston? Why not join some of the great local initiatives aimed at supporting and sharing your ideas in Launceston!

Learn more about the Youth Advisory Group, the annual SEED funding program, read through the Youth Framework for Launceston and find information on Youth Week programs.

Reach out to the City of Launceston Youth Development Officer:

Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

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Leadership, mentorship and industry experience for young leaders in Launceston. 

The City of Launceston Youth Advisory Group is a program for young leaders in our community, looking for mentorship and skill development across a range of fields. YAG is a key link between youth living within Launceston and the City of Launceston Councillors - helping to guide decisions across our City that primarily impact immediate and future generations of youth in Launceston.

YAG originated in 1997 and has been a highly sought after annual program for students looking to network within the Launceston community, develop their skills and broaden their learning opportunities while in high school or college.

Each year YAG students are involved in a range of projects, designed to offer in-depth industry experience. Running for four terms throughout the school year, YAG offers fantastic learning opportunities for students through a range of industry topics.

YAG boasts an exciting line-up of annual guest speakers, project involvement opportunities and tailored learning themes throughout the year, including;

  • Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Project Management
  • Grant Management
  • Council Decision Making: behind the scenes
  • Sustainability
  • Community Engagement: what is it, and why is it important?
  • Concept Pitch Development

Throughout the year guest speakers will include Councillors, City of Launceston staff and business operators from across Launceston - offering great industry insights while also creating an extra added layer of knowledge to the YAG learning experience. 

Download the Youth Advisory Group brochure online here.(PDF, 12MB) 

Youth Advisory Group - City of Launceston - Schools for Climate Change - 2019

Membership Details

If you, or someone you know, sound like a great fit for the Youth Advisory Group - reach out to our Youth Development Officer for the City of Launceston.

About YAG meetings

YAG gets together on the first Tuesday of every month from 4 pm  to 5 pm in the Town Hall Committee Room. Transport to and from meetings can be arranged to help you attend.

Explore previous YAG Annual Reports below


Youth Framework

The Youth Engagement Framework aims to provide a strategic approach to the City of Launceston’s youth engagement in order to ensure that young people’s diverse views, experiences and needs are valued and incorporated into our strategic planning. This in turn will ensure that young people are at the centre of the policies, strategies, services and activities that are developed for them.

The Framework includes five key priority areas which outline its intention to include, support and connect a diverse group of young people around Launceston.

Click here to download our Youth Engagement Framework(PDF, 14MB).

Contact our Youth Development Officer for more information. 

Youth Week

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Youth Week is an annual celebration of young Tasmanian's aged 12-25 that recognises and celebrates the contribution made to their local communities, workplaces, and schools.

Each year the Tasmanian Government supports Youth Week by funding Youth Week grants in Tasmania so organisations can host events that foster youth engagement across the state. This is a great way to ensure that communities can give back to youth within their cities and offer events specifically for them to enjoy.

Youth Week runs from 1 - 8 April in 2020. City of Launceston remains a passionate ambassador for Youth Week through involvement and delivery of events, offering opportunities for youth across the City to bring entertainment into their holidays across April.


Resilient Youth Australia

The City of Launceston started their working relationship with Resilient Youth Australia in 2015 after their formal deputation to council with a commitment to improving the well-being of young Australians through their evidence based Resilience Survey.

The 99 question online survey, collects, collates and analyses the self-reported strengths of Australian young people in terms of their strengths, hopefulness, the incidence of anxiety and depression, and the relationship of these to key risk and protective behaviours.

Resilience Survey includes three scientifically validated, reliable and internationally accepted measures: 

  • 1. The Developmental Assets Profile (DAP)
  • 2. The Children’s Hope Scale (CHS)
  • 3. The General Health Questionnaire (GHQ12)

The results are an accurate measure of the resilience and wellbeing of the young people attending school.

The survey has been administered to over 160,000 young people, in over 750 schools in Australia, U.K. and Bhutan, and has both primary (grades 3-6) and secondary school versions.

14 state schools in the Launceston region participated in the Resilient Youth Australia Survey in 2017. A total of 2,151 children and young people in our region completed the survey, giving insight into their collective strengths, wellbeing and levels of resilience.

Council has identified several benefits of introducing this project to Launceston based schools, including helping to deliver stronger policy direction and local initiatives, improved working relationship with schools and the education department, and providing a local evidence base to the school system for early intervention programs.

Survey results are currently being used to inform and identify opportunities to facilitate targeted programs in partnership with schools and service providers.

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