The Role of a Building Surveyor

A Building Surveyor is a licensed building services provider who is engaged by the owner of the premises to perform a statutory role on behalf of the government.

Whether it's a new building, extension or alteration, you may need to engage a Building Surveyor to assess your plans to ensure they meet the requirements of the National Construction Code to issue a Certificate of Likely Compliance.

The Building Surveyor is responsible for ensuring buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient and therefore have an impact on the design, planning and functionality of buildings.

Involved for the duration of the building project, the Building Surveyor interacts with other professionals such as Engineers, Building Designers and Builders to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the standards and processes set out in the Building Act 2016 and its regulations.

To view additional information on City of Launceston's Building Surveying Services page.