Private Water Suppliers and Carriers

Private Water Suppliers

A Private Water Supplier supplies drinking water that is obtained from a private water source such as a water tank, spring or creek.

If this private water is to be supplied to a premises used for:

  1. commercial purposes including accommodation; childcare; recreation and private water schemes;
  2. health purposes including aged care, health care and hospitals;
  3. educational facilities including schools and universities; or
  4. imprisonment or detention facilities 

The supplier must apply for registration(PDF, 61KB) as a Private Water Supplier with the Council and comply with the requirements of the Tasmanian Drinking water quality guidelines to ensure the safety of the water and prevent risks to the public.

The Guidelines do not apply to private household drinking water supply systems, registered food businesses or suppliers of packaged water or ice. Registered food businesses and suppliers of packaged water and ice must comply with the Food Act 2003 and the associated requirements of food businesses.

Other approvals

Private water suppliers may also require planning approval

If building works are required, building and plumbing approval may be required.

A Water Licence may also be required by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Further information

For further information, please contact us

Water Carriers

Water carriers supply drinking water in bulk via transportation in a water tank, whether or not for fee or reward.

A Water Carrier must apply for registration(PDF, 63KB) with the council where the vehicle is stored. A Water Carrier must supply water in a manner that does not pose a threat to public health and in accordance with the conditions of registration and the Tasmanian drinking water guidelines.