Senior residents have a lot to offer the Launceston municipality — their experience and knowledge, as well as their social contribution, help make our city an even better place to call home or visit.

The Living as a Senior in Launceston Framework(PDF, 5MB) outlines our commitment to ensuring people can enjoy life in their senior years.  


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Pensioner Concessions - SmartCard

The City of Launceston SmartCard is a way for eligible pensioners living within the Launceston municipality to access key Council facilities including the Launceston Waste Centre, Nunamara and Lilydale Waste Transfer Stations and multi-storey car parks.

Pensioners who hold a PCC (Pensioner Concession Card) or a DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs card) with the letters ‘TPI’ or the words ‘War Widow’ and live in the Launceston Municipality. Waste concession is available per household, parking concession is available per eligible pensioner. Health Care Card (HCC) holders are not eligible.

Learn more about the City of Launceston SmartCard.

City of Launceston SmartCard

Seniors Framework

A review of the Seniors Framework took place with the community in April 2017.  

We had an overwhelming response, and we thank all who participated. Your input has directly shaped the updated Living as a senior in Launceston Framework.(PDF, 5MB)