Driveways and Crossovers

A driveway crossover is the section of the driveway in front of a property boundary and includes the kerb and channel. The road reserve is the public land outside a property boundary.

The owner of a property is responsible for providing and maintaining the driveway crossing. The City Launceston is responsible when damage to the crossing is caused by Council's works or if the Council's services need replacing.  

All new, replacement, alteration, or repairs to driveway crossings will need a Council permit via an application. There is no application fee, only a procedure to follow.

Please note a Planning Application may be required and additional fees may apply.

Once your application has been received, our Officer will look at your plan and the site and be in touch with you. If your plan and request are approved an official letter and permit will be provided to you within five to 10 working days.  

For advice and more information, call the Council's Customer Service Centre