Kerbside Collection Services

The City of Launceston aims to provide efficient, reliable and sustainable recycling and garbage services to meet the needs of the community. 

The Council provides regular kerbside waste collection services for:

The Central Business District (CBD) is not in the general collection area. Waste and Recycling services are available as an opt-in and offer a collection service to residents, commercial businesses and offices in the CBD collection area, incurring an annual fee. 

  • To learn more about and register for CBD kerbside bin collection click here
  • To learn more about and register for FOGO collection click here
  • For general Waste and Wheelie Bin Forms and Applications, please go to our Forms and Applications page

When will my bins be collected and what belongs in each bin?

In all areas, contractors will collect bins between 6 am to 6 pm on your allocated week, so please ensure bins are out prior to the collection window.

  • Find out what can and cannot go in your recycling and general waste bins here
  • Find out what can and cannot go in your FOGO here
  • Download the Kerbside Collection Calendar and A-Z Guide to Recycling and Waste here
  • View an interactive kerbside collection map and calendar online for both the CBD and General Collection areas here

Find out your collection day on the recycle coach portal below or alternatively download the free recycle coach app and set up alerts so you never miss a collection day

Missed collections and disability and injury support

Missed Collections

Missed collections sometimes happen and the most common reasons are:

  • Bins placed on the kerbside after 6am
  • Bins were hidden and the driver didn't see them (possibly blocked from view by a parked car)
  • Incorrect or overflowing bin (the lid must be closed)
  • Wrong material set out (or non-recyclable material in the recycling bin)
  • Item presents a health and safety concern to the driver


If your bin hasn't been emptied by 3pm on your normal collection day and none of the above applies, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 6323 3000.

To report any issues or if you have any queries with the collection service, please contact us.

Disability and Injury Support

The City of Launceston provides a waste collection service for eligible people with disabilities or injuries. If your residence is 20 metres or less from the road and you don't have someone living with you who is capable of putting your wheelie bin out, you may be eligible for this service.

Please contact us to find out if you're eligible. Once you know you are eligible for the service, please complete this application form(PDF, 34KB) to register for the service.

Kerbside Collection FAQ's

Which bin is which?

The bin with the burgundy/red lid is your waste bin.

The bin with the yellow lid is your recycling bin.

The bin with the green lid is your FOGO bin (Food Organics and Garden Organics).

What can't be placed in the kerbside waste wheelie bin?

Hot ashes, oil, paint, chemicals, solvents or other liquids, heavy builder's rubble, car parts, large timber, metal pieces, concrete or bricks, asbestos or other hazardous/toxic materials.


What can be placed in your recycling wheelie bin (yellow lid)?

  • Aluminium cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Metal cans (including empty paint cans & aerosol cans)
  • Paper, newspaper, cardboard (no shredded paper or tissues)
  • Plastic containers

What can't be placed in your recycling wheelie bin (yellow lid)?

  • Bagged waste / bagged recycling
  • Textiles
  • eWaste
  • Polystyrene 
  • Soft plastics
  • Nappies
  • Paint
  • Green waste
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Car engines
  • Long life milk and juice cartons (foil & plastic lined)
  •  Sharps

Can I change the size of my kerbside garbage wheelie bin?

Yes, you can. Details, charges and application information is detailed in this document, Request to change wheelie bin size(PDF, 97KB). Simply complete and return to Council's Customer Service Centre. We will call you for payment once your application has been processed.


What can be put in the kerbside garbage wheelie bin?

Normal household waste and any solid non-toxic, non-hazardous waste. Small amounts of garden waste can also be put in the wheelie bin. All items must fit loosely in the bin so they fall out easily when the bin is tipped up to empty.

Can I change the number of wheelie bins at my property?

Residents can opt to have additional kerbside waste and recycling bins at their property. An administration fee and additional waste charges through the property's annual rates will apply.

More information about fees and applying for additional bins is available here.

Additional bin requests will be processed on receipt of the relevant completed form and required payment.

I have constructed a new property, how do I get a new wheelie bin?

My wheelie bin has been stolen, how do I get a replacement bin?

Call the Council's Customer Service Centre on 03 6323 3000 or complete the request to replace stolen wheelie bin form(PDF, 152KB) and return it to the Council's Customer Service Centre.

I am having difficulty handling my wheelie bins. Can I get assistance with my rubbish and recycling collection?

If you are having difficulties handling your wheelie bin, contact us to apply for assistance or to learn more about the Council's disability assistance scheme.