Applying for a Development Application

A Development Application may be required for the use or development of land. A successful application will result in a planning permit. Please note building and/or plumbing permits may also be required.  

The requirement for a planning permit will depend on the zoning of the land, codes and special area plans that apply to the land.

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme including the Launceston Local Provisions can be viewed on the Tasmanian Planning Commission website and the mapping can be viewed on LISTmap website  by adding the Tasmanian Planning Scheme zone and overlay layers.

You may also undertake a property enquiry through PlanBuild Tasmania, a website managed by the Tasmanian Government. The enquiry service allows you to enter an address in the portal to see what planning zones and codes apply to a property. A property report can be generated which includes maps, details of the planning zone, codes and other information that affect the selected property.

To assist you in preparing a Development Application, our Planning Services Department encourages pre-lodgement discussions. By talking to us early in the planning process, we can assist you with the project design and provide important information up front.

If you would like to speak with a Town Planner, you can either:

  • Email
  • Call our Planning Hotline on 6323 3220 to speak with the duty planner between 10am - 4pm
  • By appointment only
  • All appointments require 24 hours notice

Appointments are available on the hour between 10am and 4pm - you can book an appointment with a Town Planner.

The fees for the application are dependent on the status of your application and the value of the proposed works. Similarly, the time taken to assess your application depends on the status and complexity of your project. To view additional information on fees associated with Development Applications and associated issues can be found on the Payment, Fees and Charges Page.

To lodge your Development Application via email to, via post or in person. 

How do I apply for a minor amendment or extension to an existing Planning Permit?

In some circumstances, a minor change may be possible to a Planning Permit.

The change must meet the requirements set by the legislative requirements of Section 56 of the Land Use Planning Approvals Act 1993 . It is important to check with the Council to see if the amendment meets the requirements of the Act.

 An Amendment Form(PDF, 82KB) must be lodged with a covering letter to explain the proposed change along with plans, where applicable, and the relevant fee. We suggest you call the planner who assessed your application to discuss whether the proposed changes would be acceptable.

A Planning Permit Extension Form(PDF, 161KB) must be lodged to extend an existing Planning Permit in accordance with Section 53 of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.  The relevant fee [link] will apply. Extensions may be granted for up to 4 years, in 2 year increments, providing a maximum of 6 years to substantially commence.  

How to Apply for a Planning Permit