Organisational Structure

From 9 December 2019, the City of Launceston has evolved to become an agile organisation.

Within our organisational structure are four (4) Networks of teams. These Networks are in place to improve collaboration, engagement, and communication in a dynamic way and provides more equitable distribution of work across the organisation. 

Each network is led by a General Manager who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The General Managers are supported by a strong leadership structure of Senior Managers and Team Leaders.

These Networks are:

  • Organisational Services - is a network of teams, which deliver the services internally to our organisation, including Finance, IT and Data Management, People and Culture, Governance and, Innovation and Performance.
  • Community and Place - is a network of our externally focused teams, which provide services to our community, including: Community Relations, City Development, Health and Compliance, Liveable Communities and, Business Enterprises.
  • Infrastructure and Assets - is a network of teams focused on the planning, maintenance, renewal and upgrade of the City's infrastructure and assets. This includes Sustainability and Recreation, Infrastructure and Engineering, Project Design and Delivery, Building Assets and Investigations and, Operations.
  • Creative Arts and Cultural Services - is a network that manages and operates the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG). With two sites in Launceston: the Art Gallery at Royal Park and Museum at Inveresk, with history, natural sciences and visual arts and design the key collections areas.


Organisational Grouping of Networks