Rats and Mice


Rats and mice can be problematic due to the risk of damage to houses, generation of odour and potential risk to human health.

There are five native and three introduced species of rodents in Tasmania.

Rats and mice normally live in homes, sheds, garages, gardens and can be found in walls and cavities of buildings. You may have a problem if you notice droppings, gnawing, sounds, odour and visual sightings.

Why are rats and mice a cause for concern?

Rats and mice can be cause for concern as they can:

  • cause damage through gnawing (wiring, wood, food packages);
  • carry fleas or ticks that can cause harm to pets or humans;
  • cause unpleasant odours;
  • contaminate food with their hair, droppings and urine which may then cause food poisoning and spoilage; and
  • carry disease.

Preventing rodent problems

There are many ways to deter rodents from accessing properties. These include (but are not limited to):

  • disposing of rubbish regularly and keeping all areas clean and tidy, i.e. removing food scraps and washing down dirty areas;
  • containing rubbish appropriately until it is either collected or disposed of, i.e. in enclosed receptacle with a bin liner;
  • storing food in food grade sealed containers in pantries and cupboards;
  • keeping yards clear of weeds, overgrowth, excess equipment and other hiding/nesting areas for vermin;
  • keeping doors and windows closed or screened and sealing any other openings (where possible) that could be used as entry points; and
  • cleaning up pet food (dry biscuits, bird seed, etc.) and picking up fallen fruit.

Solutions to rodent activity

It is important to choose the most suitable method for the situation. For example, food premises and homes with children and pets require special consideration. 

A variety of rodent control measures are commercially available including:

  • live traps;
  • snap traps;
  • bait stations; and
  • licensed pest control contractors. 

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) offers information about rodent traps and humane capture. 

It is important to note that pest control is paramount in food premises to prevent transmission of disease and also in Housing Tasmania homes as it forms part of the lease agreement. Read more here.  

A contained trap must be used for food premises that ensures that vermin do not exit and potentially crawl away to die or take any bait away. 

Reporting a rodent issue

If you are concerned about rats or mice and suspect conditions of a neighbouring property may be contributing to the problem, such as an accumulation of waste, it is best to discuss the problem with your neighbour and try to find a solution. 

If you cannot reach an agreement after talking to your neighbour, you can contact us for advice. 

You will need to provide your name, address and contact information as well as details about the address of the alleged offender and a description of your concern. 

We may investigate your concern and take action as required to protect public health. 

We will not implement pest control measures on private property. If you have an infestation of rodents please contact a pest control company.