Inner City Living



The centre of Launceston has a large area of unused and under-used floor space, as well as some small sites that remain undeveloped. Urban 'shop-top' living is becoming increasingly achievable, viable and desirable. Explore the information below to understand the process for inner city living developments in Launceston.

 To view additional information download the full Investing in the City guide(PDF, 11MB).

Information and advice

In order to facilitate refurbishment and urban infill for residential accommodation in the CBD, the City of Launceston can offer further advice on the various requirements that apply.

Planning Advice

If you would like to speak with a Planner, you can:


Heritage Advice

If you would like to find out if your property is heritage listed, or for information about development of locally listed properties, you can contact the City of Launceston's Heritage Planner.

For further information and advice about state listed properties contact Heritage Tasmania

Building Permits

For information about the building and plumbing permit process please contact the City of Launceston's Building Permit Authority.


Building Surveying

To find a registered building surveyor, visit the online Occupational Licencing search and click on Building Services Provider.



The following documents are available at the Launceston City Deal website here.

  • Launceston City Deal (see Housing, pages 26- 27)
  • Launceston City Deal Annual Progress Report 2018 (see Housing, pages 32-34)
  • Launceston City Deal Annual Progress Report 2019 (see Housing, pages 37-39)