Recreational Water Quality

City of Launceston Seaport.png

The City of Launceston monitors the water quality of our popular recreational waters each week from the beginning of the swimming season in December through to the end of March each year.

The locations we monitor are: 

  • The First Basin
  • Waverley Lake
  • St Leonards picnic ground
  • Corra Linn picnic ground


If the water quality is considered unsuitable for recreational water contact, warning signs are erected at the site and an update will be placed on this website. 

If a warning sign is erected when you visit, please ensure you and any people in your care do not come into contact with the water as the water may cause gastro-intestinal illnesses or other infections. It is best to visit an alternative swimming location until the warning is removed.

Recreational water quality can vary throughout the swimming season and is influenced by factors such as heavy rainfall. Contact with recreational waters should be avoided for several days after rainfall whether warning signs are in place or not.