Long Term Financial Plan

This document represents a key element of the City of Launceston's Strategic Planning Framework.

The Long Term Financial Plan 2022 - 2032(PDF, 2MB) sets out Council's objectives, goals, and operating requirements in financial terms.

View the City of Launceston Financial Management Policy here.(PDF, 525KB)  

The City of Launceston Long Term Financial Plan 2022-2032 (LTFP) is a strategic planning document informed by a series of financial models, strategies and performance indicators, which establish the strategic financial framework within which sound financial decisions will be made. The LTFP is a framework based on a range of assumptions that assesses the financial requirements to achieve our strategic objectives. It demonstrates the Council’s obligation and commitment to sound financial planning to ensure the future prosperity of the City. The LTFP does not assume that all desired projects will automatically be funded, particularly those requiring external grant funding.

Projects are only included in the LTFP when funding is reasonably assured and committed to by the Council. This establishes a picture of what the Council can currently afford and deliver with reasonable certainty over the forecast period. The LTFP illustrates that overall, the Council is in a sound financial position. This is based on strong liquidity and cash reserves, and manageable levels of debt. Council has strong capacity to fund its short term obligations in terms of asset renewal and core operations, as well as consider appropriate future investment opportunities to support the ongoing economic prosperity of our Municipal Area and region.