Accessible Parking

Australian Disability Parking Permits are issued by Transport Access Scheme in Tasmania.  

Temporary Australian Disability Parking Permits are issued by City of Launceston for temporary conditions for a period of up to, but not exceeding a maximum of 12 months.

There are a number of designated accessible parking bays within central Launceston.  A current Australian Disability Parking Permit must be displayed when parking in a designated accessible parking bay.

Under Transport Access Scheme, Australian Disability Parking Permit holders are also entitled to concessions for on-street machine parking in central Launceston.

Permit holders must pay for the maximum time available on the machine to receive the concession. On a  one-hour machine, the vehicle may park for 2 hours and on a 3 hour machine the vehicle will be covered to park for up to 6 hours once the maximum time has been purchased.

In City of Launceston operated car parks, permit holders are entitled to park in the designated parking bays, however no further concessions apply.

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