Parks of Launceston: A Minecraft World

Launceston Silos, Minecraft image

Image: Riverbend Park, Minecraft world.

The City of Launceston has developed three custom Minecraft worlds that are available to the community free for download. The worlds were developed for the 2023 National Science Week event hosted by QVMAG with approximately 900 students taking part.

The development of the custom worlds was made possible by using existing LiDAR imagery captured in 2022, the original purpose being to develop a high-resolution 3D model of the city. The 3D city model is also available here. The conversion to Minecraft worlds was achieved using the specialist tool, FME Desktop.

To play the City of Launceston custom Minecraft worlds you will need a device with Minecraft installed. Three prominent Launceston sites are available to download as Minecraft worlds; Riverbend Park, City Park and the Cataract Gorge. The worlds have been tested on Microsoft Windows, Apple iPad and Android; however, they may also work on other devices.

Riverbend Park

Microsoft Windows device: JAVA Download(ZIP, 3MB)

iPad or Android device: Bedrock Download(ZIP, 2MB)

City Park

Microsoft Windows device: JAVA Download(ZIP, 4MB)

iPad or Android device: Bedrock Download(ZIP, 3MB)

Cataract Gorge

Microsoft Windows device: JAVA Download(ZIP, 11MB)

iPad or Android device: Bedrock Download(ZIP, 3MB)

Instructions for installing a custom world can be found on the Official Minecraft Wiki.

If you have difficulty downloading or installing the worlds, please reach out to us at and we will do our best to assist.

Share your Minecraft worlds with us!  

Email with a photo or screenshot of your Launceston Minecraft world creations, along with a description.

Your ideas could influence upcoming developments and enhancements in areas such as Launceston parks and playgrounds.

If you would like to hear more about City of Launceston Minecraft worlds, let us know in your email.