City Deal Implementation



How the Launceston City Deal will be delivered 

The Launceston City Deal brings together the Commonwealth Government, the Tasmanian Government and the City of Launceston with local institutions, businesses and the community.

The City Deal provides common objectives across levels of government, support for key industry and employment centres, infrastructure investment linked to broader reform and changes to planning and governance arrangements to deliver enduring benefits. 

The role of the governments is to ensure the right supports, programs and policies are in place to achieve the objectives.

An Executive Board supported by a Community and Business Advisory Group will provide a coordinated governance structure and accountability model.  The Executive Board will report to the Australian Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure, the Tasmanian Minister for State Growth and the Mayor of Launceston.

Launceston City Deal Executive Board

The Launceston City Deal Executive Board, represents key investment partners and will ensure co-ordinated and accountable delivery of the ten-year City Deal. 

The Executive Board comprises of:

  1. The Commonwealth Government Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (co-Chair)
  2. The Tasmanian Government Office of the Coordinator-General (co-Chair)
  3. The Commonwealth Government Department of Education and Training
  4. The City of Launceston
  5. The University of Tasmania

The Executive Board will coordinate the strategic vision and drive economic outcomes for the major investments in the City Deal and in particular, will oversee progress of the City Deal’s major investments, including:

  • the relocation and redevelopment of the University of Tasmania’s main Launceston campus at Inveresk
  • the City Heart project
  • the Regional Economic Development Strategy
  • the My Place My Future Plan (Northern Suburbs Revitalisation Plan)
  • the Jobs Pathways Framework
  • the Tamar Estuary Management Taskforce, the River Health Action Plan and investments to reduce pollution in the Tamar Estuary and its catchments.

Community and Business Advisory Group

A Community and Business Advisory Group will support the Executive Board, with members from key City Deal partners, such as Northern Tasmania Development Corporation and the Launceston Chamber of Commerce.

Reporting and Accountability

The Executive Board will provide a co-ordinated governance structure and accountability model.
The initial focus will be to deliver the City Deal’s objectives and commitments between April 2017 and April 2027. Progress will be monitored annually and formally reviewed after the first three years. At this time, priorities will be reconsidered and next steps established.

The Executive Board will meet in Launceston twice in the first year and then annually each remaining year of the City Deal. The outcomes of each meeting will inform broader Launceston City Deal progress reporting. There will be annual public reports on progress of the Launceston City Deal against measures of success

Third Annual Progress Report

Three years in, and progress to reduce pollution in the Tamar Estuary is now being realised through actions delivered under the River Health Action Plan.

Construction  commenced on the pedestrian and cycle bridge across the North Esk River and the first University of Tasmania campus building at Inveresk in addition, development applications for the next two buildings were submitted. 

The collaboratively developed My Place My Future Plan which aims to improve social outcomes in the Northern Suburbs was released, as well as the launch of the Regional Economic Development Strategy which sets out the economic vision for Northern Tasmania.

All levels of government are committed to building a more prosperous economy, and to making Launceston one of Australia’s most liveable and innovative regional cities. We are looking forward to delivering the projects that will benefit Launceston—and the region—for decades to come.

Download the Third Annual Progress Report here.

Key achievements

  • Construction commenced on one of Launceston’s largest single infrastructure projects, the University of Tasmania’s new inner city campus at Inveresk. Ground works commenced for the Library and Student Services building in January 2020 followed by the North Esk River pedestrian and cycle bridge in March 2020.
  • In just over 12 months since the launch of the Tamar Action Grants, NRM North has contracted with approximately 76 landholders resulting in over 175 km of waterways fenced and 698 hectares of native vegetation managed to improve water quality within the Tamar Estuary.
  • The 12-month program of investigations into the urban stormwater system in the Launceston and West Tamar region has successfully led to the identification and remediation of nine sewage intrusions and two broken sewer mains. The success and cost effectiveness of the program has led to it being expanded to include additional stormwater catchments within the Launceston urban area.
  • An additional $44 million was committed to deliver the urban water infrastructure upgrades to Launceston's combined sewerage and stormwater system.
  • My Place My Future was launched in August 2019, providing the vision and strategic actions to improve the economic and social outcomes in the Northern Suburbs of Launceston.
  • The Regional Economic Development Strategy was delivered by Northern Tasmania Development Corporation (NTDC) in December 2019, outlining a vision and the strategic priorities for economic development within Northern Tasmania.
  • The $90 million Launceston Creative Precinct was announced. The new Precinct will encompass world-class education in design and technology, a virtual and augmented reality enterprise, commercial offices, technology and innovation spaces, modern food and retail offerings, as well as student accommodation. The Precinct will also house the city’s new bus interchange, which will increase the liveability and vibrancy of the city facilitating the continued roll-out of the City Heart street revitalisation works.

Over the next 12 months

  • Construction will commence on upgrading the Launceston’s combined sewerage and stormwater system to improve the health of the Tamar Estuary.
  • A further 185 km of waterways will be protected from stock access under the Tamar Action Grants.
  • The new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the North Esk River will be completed by the end of 2020 and the 852-space northern car park will be complete by mid-2021.
  • Detailed project planning will commence on establishing the University of Tasmania’s Defence and Maritime Innovation and Design Precinct at Newnham.
  • The Launceston Cultural Strategy will be completed, and an implementation plan will be developed which will include the identification of early wins. 
  • Construction will commence on upgrades to the Albert Hall.
  • Construction will commence on the Launceston Creative Precinct and designs will be finalised for the next stage of street revitalisation works as part of the Launceston City Heart Project. 
  • As part of the Greater Launceston Transformation Project, the nation leading Internet of Things Schools Program will finalise and deliver lesson plans and teaching resources to a number of public, Independent and Catholic schools across the Greater Launceston area. 
  • The first live smart traffic system will be operational within the city.


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For more information about the Launceston City Deal and the City of Launceston led commitments, please contact our Launceston City Deal Project Officer.