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Living Library Launceston The books are people

We're on the lookout for Launnie locals with a story to share; those who actively defy a stereotype, challenge a narrative or have raw and unfiltered life experiences to talk about.

About the Living Library - You won't find any hard-cover paper books here.

The Living Library catalogue is a collection of community members, real life people, sharing their stories raw and unfiltered. 
You'll find the Library speaking at events, schools, community groups and businesses; challenging stereotypes, and encouraging minds to un-judge.

The library events facilitate dialogue and interaction, people are given the opportunity to speak informally with a 'Living Book' who tells a story about their experience. A 'reader' can then enter the conversation by asking questions or discussing their own experiences.

Connected with and inspired by global initiatives such as the Human Library, books and speakers around the world help to create more inclusive and cohesive communities across cultural, religious, social and ethnic differences. 

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Become a Living Library 'Book', group member, or host the program in your organisation or school. To learn more, contact the Living Library Committee: