Town Hall Illumination Application

Application for Illuminating Town Hall


The City of Launceston seeks to recognise and support significant events that are for a charitable cause or have positive community outcomes by illuminating the Town Hall.

The service is available for not-for-profit entities only and there is no fee. Initiatives or events of a commercial nature are not eligible. Council is also mindful that if the Town Hall is floodlit on a very regular basis some of the impact of these events may be lost. The following criteria are therefore intended to be a threshold against which requests can be considered.

Floodlighting of the Town Hall should only be available for events or awareness campaigns of major significance to residents of the City or State that:

  1. are a national event represented in multiple states, and
  2. are of national or international significance, and
  3. promote positive community outcomes.

Council may also determine to floodlight the Town Hall of its own motion.


Application process

Persons or groups seeking to have the Town Hall floodlit must complete an Application for Illuminating of the Town Hall Form(PDF, 105KB) preferably four weeks prior to the date of the request and address the following criteria:

  1. The name and contact details of the person or group applying to floodlight the Town Hall
  2. Details of the event or awareness campaign
  3. How the request meets the Policy requirements
  4. Details of the colours of the lighting being requested
  5. The dates and duration for the requested lighting, and
  6. Any other information to support the request.


Application form options

Assessment Process

Each application is assessed by the Council's Directors with administrative support being provided by Customer Service. Once assessed, the applicant will be advised of the decision and the reasons for the decision being made. This decision is final. 



The following conditions apply to all approved floodlighting requests:

  • Council reserves the right to cancel a lighting booking at their discretion
  • Lighting requests will be approved for a period of up to one week, more usually approval will be for two nights.
  • Only one request can be made for any event or awareness campaign in a single calendar year 
  • The Town Hall is not normally available for illumination during the month of December.


Please read the Town Hall Floodlighting Policy(PDF, 58KB) for more information. 



If you have any other queries, please contact us