Sustainability Projects

Below are key projects Council has undertaken to promote sustainability.  For more details about how council is working on reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions, see here

Prince's Square Park Lights

Prince's Square park lights were changed to LED saving over 50% in electricity use. The fountain lights and the toilet lights were changed to LED as well. The lighting in the park is vastly improved with the LED lights.  

LED Street Lighting

Council has commenced to change street lighting to LED. The old 80 watt lights are being changed to 22 watt LED reducing energy use by 75%. The lights also have a long life expected to be at least 25 years. 


Churchill Park

Churchill park sports building 10kW solar project using 40 Trina solar panels and an SMA inverter. The solar will offset 25% of the energy used in the facility. Note also solar hot water system installed previously.   


Inveresk Car Park

Lighting in the Inveresk car park and walk way was converted to LED. 100 watt metal halide globes were swapped with 50 watt LED. In total 51 lights were upgraded saving 14,000 kWh per year. 


Remount Road Depot

The City of Launceston has recently installed a 40kW solar panel system on the roof at the Remount Road Depot. The solar system consists of 122 SunPower panels and 2 Fronius inverters. The solar system will generate approximately 58,000kWh of electricity per year reducing the depot power costs by 40%. The solar system has a payback of 4 years making it a very cost effective method of reducing energy costs. 



Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

A 50kW solar system was installed on the saw tooth roof of the main gallery at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. All the electricity generated by the system will be used in the main gallery.  The city of Launceston is serious about reducing the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from council facilities and recognises solar power presents a great opportunity to achieve this. 

Albert Hall

Lighting in the corridors of the Albert Hall has been upgraded with 58 new dimmable LED lights providing significantly better light and reducing energy consumption by 70%.