Keeping stock

If you live in a suburban or urban area, we advise against keeping livestock as they can become a nuisance to other residents, due to the associated noise and smell.  

Regulation Officers frequently respond to investigate problematic stock including roosters, sulphur crested cockatoos, pet lambs, pigs, horses, rabbits, goats and even bees.

If you are considering keeping domestic stock or farm animals on hobby farms or small acreage around the outskirts of the city, please consider the following points carefully:

  • Will this cause an issue for neighbours
  • Are fences adequate to contain the species
  • Is your property large enough to cater for the animal
  • Can you feed the animal and provide shelter as required for the species
  • Can you provide a lifelong home for this animal as it grows, and will my family be willing to care for it throughout its entire life - keeping a pet is a lifelong decision and a commitment that you are responsible for
  • Is it legal to keep this species, will you be committing an offence under the Local Government Act 1993
  • Prior to obtaining the animal you should check with the City of Launceston
  • If you have concerns about the welfare please contact the RSPCA.


City of Launceston Animal Control Officers can issue Abatement Notices under the Local Government Act 1993 for action to be taken if complaints are received in respect to smell issues, roaming causing a danger to pedestrians or road users, or noise emanating from domestic stock. Officers can also seize and impound any stock under the Act.

In the event of stray livestock on public roads and Council land, our officers can also help. Please contact us in this case.  

For more information on livestock, visit the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association