Annual Plan and Budget

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An important part of Council's planning process is its Annual Plan and Budget.

2024/25 Annual Budget and Annual Plan

The Annual Plan and Budget is the Council’s key roadmap for delivering the strategic objectives determined by the elected members to enable the Council to achieve the targets it has prioritised in the financial year ahead.

The Plan includes the key actions that the City of Launceston will undertake over the 2024/25 financial year, as it works towards achieving the goals and strategies from the Council’s 10-year Corporate Strategic Plan 2014-2024; 2019 Review.

The Plan is consistent with the strategic direction for the Council over the coming 12 months in accordance with the overall community vision, as laid out in the Greater Launceston Plan (GLP).

Key services are captured in the City of Launceston’s Four Year Delivery Plan and therefore are not recorded in the Annual Plan.