Launceston City Deal

From proud past to bright future 

Launceston's City Deal is Tasmania's first City Deal, and the second for Australia.

City Deals are the main way of putting Australia's Smart Cities Plan into action.  The Smart Cities Plan is about all three levels of government working together with local communities and business to identify what we need to do today to ensure our cities succeed into the future.

Signed in April 2017 by the Commonwealth Government, the Tasmanian Government and the City of Launceston; the Launceston City Deal is a five-year plan (until 2022) to position Launceston as one of Australia’s most liveable and innovative regional cities.

The three levels of government will work with local partners to achieve this shared vision for Launceston.

The collaborative five-year plan will maximise Launceston’s potential by focusing on: 

  • Jobs and skills growth
  • Business, industry and population growth 
  • A vibrant, liveable city 
  • Innovation and industry engagement 
  • A healthy Tamar Estuary

The City of Launceston has an active role as project lead for a number of major commitments and genuine partnerships across the levels of government, private sector and the community to achieve the vision.