Smoke-Free Areas

Tasmania has controls on where people can smoke in public areas to protect residents and visitors from exposure to harmful second-hand smoke.

Implementation of smoke-free areas has been shown to be helpful in encouraging smokers to quit and reducing anti-social behaviour in the Launceston Central Business District (CBD).

The Public Health (Smoke-free Areas) Regulations 2014 declare the following areas in the City of Launceston CBD to be smoke-free:

  1. Brisbane Street Mall;
  2. Quadrant Mall;
  3. Civic Square; and
  4. the two bus exchanges in St John Street, located between the York-Brisbane Street and Brisbane-Paterson Street intersections.


Additional smoke-free areas in City of Launceston CBD

To further protect visitors to the Launceston CBD from second hand smoke as well as address issues associated with smokers congregating on the edge of the current smoke-free areas, an expansion to the smoke-free areas was proposed by City of Launceston.

A survey of CBD businesses conducted in 2016 indicated the majority supported this proposal.

In accordance with the provision of the Public Health Act 1997 which provides for the occupier of any area, including a public street, to designate the area smoke-free, the City of Launceston is designating the following areas smoke-free, effective January 1, 2017:

  1. Brisbane Court;
  2. Centre Way Lane;
  3. Dicky Whites Lane;
  4. Claytons Lane;
  5. The Avenue; and
  6. St John Street between York and Paterson Street intersections.

 A map denoting the City of Launceston CBD smoke-free areas can be viewed here(PDF, 2MB)

Other areas designated smoke-free by the Public Health Act 1997 include, but are not limited to:

  • within 3 metres of an entrance or exit from any non-domestic building;
  • outdoor dining areas and within 3 metres of an outdoor dining area unless there is a barrier at least 2.1 metres high and impervious to smoke;
  • anywhere within 3 metres of a bus shelter on a public street;
  • within 10 metres of any public play equipment; and
  • smoke-free public events

For an extensive list of smoke-free areas, visit the Public Health Act 1997.

Smoking in a smoke-free area is an offence and penalties apply. Any individual found by a City of Launceston authorised officer to be smoking in these areas may be issued with an infringement notice. 

For information or support to quit smoking visit Quit Tasmania.