52 Things To Do Before You Turn 12

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From mountain bike tracks, skate parks, walking trails through to flying fox's and pirate ships, there's plenty to explore around Launceston.

The activities shared in 52 Things To Do Before You Turn 12 Around Launceston have been recommended by Launceston's young people and their families. The guide identifies the top activities on offer in Launceston for children aged 12 and under. 

Start adventuring your way through the guide and tick-off the activities as you go!

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Useful tips, links and resources to help you complete 52 Things To Do Before You Turn 12 Around Launceston:


Camping related tips and resources

Enjoy plenty of low or no-cost camping around Launceston. Some great campsites to include on your camping list include: 

To find more campsites around Launceston and the State use the resources below:


Riverbend Park

Find your favourite playground and park

Find parks, gardens and all abilities playgrounds in and around our city.

Favourites include: 

Use the links below to find more:


Image: Nick Hanson

Grab your bike 

Explore Launceston and surrounds by mountain bike trails, bike or trike paths, rail trails, pump tracks.

Mountain Biking around Launceston
Mountain Biking near Launceston - Trail information
Tamar Bicycles Users Group - City Bike Trails Map
Rail Trails Australia

Check out beginner bike paths at:

Royal Park

Torrens Street Park

Ti Tree Crescent Park 

Heritage Forest

West Tamar Walking Trail

Cataract Gorge Reserve - First Basin

Morsehead Street Reserve

Road Safety Centre


Get active on a bike or walking track:

Hoblers Bridge Reserve - City of Launceston

Newnham Reserve - City of Launceston

Rocherlea Old Rail Trail - City of Launceston

Machens Reserve - City of Launceston

Kings Park - City of Launceston


Pump tracks

Hollybank | Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania

Torrens Street Park - City of Launceston

Or check out Launceston BMX Club



Skate or scooter



Walking and hiking trails

Visiting local parks and trails is a great low-cost activity, and it's an enjoyable way to keep active!

Plan a hike with friends and family, or try something new such as orienteering.

Some favourites spots around Launceston include: 




Near Launceston



Other places to get started:

A female swimmer in the pool at the Launceston Gorge. She has blonde hair tied in a bun and her arms open just touching the water. The Suspension Bridge can be seen in the distance.

Outings to swim, paddle, water play or visit the beach

Check out great places to swim or paddle with a supervising adult



Beaches & Rockpools to explore

More tips for discovering something new to do

Join a community garden, try a new physical activity, get involved in a theatre production or keep an eye out for an upcoming park run. 


  • Grow or Pick Fruit, Berries or Vegies to Eat:

Find a Community Garden

Australia U-Pick Farms | Tasmania

Fruit Growers Tasmania |Seasonal Guide


  • Learn new dance moves online:

Start with the: moonwalk, running man, cha-cha-slide, finesse walk, swag dance or electric-slide


  • Research how to take great photos on a phone and become a star photographer! These are some great locations to practice:

Fraser Street Reserve - City of Launceston

Hollybank | Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania

Granville Street Reserve - City of Launceston

Bluegum Park - City of Launceston

Cataract Gorge Reserve - First Basin - City of Launceston

Punchbowl Reserve - City of Launceston

Lilydale Falls


Geocaching Image.jpeg


Explore your northern backyard with fresh eyes!

  • Try GeoCache Treasure Hunting:

A geocaching activity involves hiding and seeking containers, known as "geocaches" or "caches," at specific locations all over the world. There are plenty of free geocaching sites you can use, have a look at Geocaching 101 and the free Geocaching Australia App to get started on your GeoCache Treasure Hunt

  • Check out low or no-cost Museums:

QVMAG - Activities for Families and Carers

Launceston Tramway Museum

Duck Reach Museum - Duck Reach Power Station

Beaconsfield Mine

George Town Watch House

Bass and Flinders Maritime History Museum | George Town

National Trust - Clarendon, Franklin House, Old Umbrella Shop

  • Be a tourist in Launceston - find out about art trails, history walks, and more things to do at:

Launceston Visitor Information Centre

Launceston, Tasmania | Our Tasmania

  • Visit the local markets:

Harvest Market

St Giles Niche Market

Lilydale Craft and Produce Market | Monthly

Evandale Sunday Market

World Street Eats

Esk Market


  • Launceston is a great base to explore outlaying towns:

Evandale, Tasmania

Beaconsfield, Tasmania

Campbell Town, Tasmania

George Town, Tasmania

Derby. Tasmania

Tasmanian Heritage Council -Cataract Gorge


Try GeoCache treasure hunting

A geocaching activity involves hiding and seeking containers, known as "geocaches" or "caches," at specific locations all over the world. There are plenty of free geocaching sites you can use, have a look at Geocaching 101 and the free Geocaching Australia App to get started on your GeoCache Treasure Hunt.


Fishing Related Tips & Resources

Find places to fish in and around our municipality including:



To find more information about these locations and more use the handy links below:

  • Inland Fisheries
    Making sure you have the correct licensing when fishing in Tasmania is important. Head over to Inland Fisheries for your Fishing License Information. Children under 14 usually are not required to have a license for inland fishing. No license is required for sea-based fishing.
  • Fish Brain
    An interactive map to explore fishing places in your area, the fish you might catch there, and what bait to use. You can also log your catches on here as well.



Sports fun

Pay Sepak Takraw, footy, soccer, cricket (in the nets) or shoot hoops.

Sepak Takraw




Shoot hoops


Cricket in the nets



Level up your sport

Get into competitive sport.

  • State Sport and Recreation Organisations can tell you where your closest local club can be found

  • Home | Ticket to Play is a Tasmanian Government initiative designed to reduce the cost of sport and active recreation membership and/or registration for eligible children. Ticket to Play provides two vouchers worth up to $100 each towards club membership fees for children aged 5-18 years who are listed on a Services Australia Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card or are in Out of Home Care

More ideas for things to do? 

During the year we will ask for your ideas of low-cost, no-cost Things to do around Launceston Before you Turn 12.

Keep an eye on the City of Launceston Facebook page or email contactus@launceston.tas.gov.au.