Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I remove a tree?

No. Developers and residents are not authorised to damage or remove City of Launceston's trees. The Council will use relevant provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 to protect the value of the trees that have been damaged or removed without appropriate consent.

  • What should I do if I am concerned about the health of a tree?

If you are concerned about a tree that is owned and/or managed by City of Launceston please contact the City as soon as possible to request the tree is inspected by our qualified Arborist team using the Request a service form.

Residents can help street trees to survive and thrive by:

  • Giving the tree a deep watering once per week in the middle of summer
  • Avoiding compaction of the trees roots by not parking on the verge
  • Avoid damaging tree with line trimmers and lawnmowers
  • Top up mulch if you have any spare and hand pull weeds around base of tree.


  • Can I prune a tree owned or managed by The City of Launceston?

No. Residents and developers are not permitted to prune trees owned and managed by the City of Launceston.

If you are concerned about overhanging branches, dead or damaged limbs, or branches impacting infrastructure, please contact the City as soon as possible to request a tree inspection, using the Request a service form.

  • Can I request a tree to be planted on my nature strip?

Yes. The City of Launceston will be working on planting out vacant areas in nature strips, consistent with the Urban Greening Strategy. We will be focusing on areas with least canopy cover to start with, to help us achieve our target canopy cover. Planning is currently being undertaken to strategically deliver thousands of trees across the city over the coming years. If you have a request relating to planting of a tree in your nature strip, please contact us using the Request a service form.

  • Report damage to property from trees

Our Arborist team carry out annual assessments of all council owned trees and will be looking for any damage caused to property and infrastructure from trees. If deemed to be an issue, a solution will be addressed in the regular works program.

If you are concerned that a council owned tree has caused damage to your property, please provide the following information in writing for a City of Launceston arborist to investigate the damage:

  • Contact details for the person reporting the damage. We may need to speak you for further information and/or to arrange a site inspection
  • Location of the alleged damage
  • Location of the tree/s alleged to have caused the damage
  • Photos of the alleged damage
  • Evidence from a suitably qualified person confirming that tree roots from the Council owned tree are contributing to the damage and if possible, to what extent, i.e. are roots from other trees also contributing.  (The cost of obtaining a report can be considered as part of the claim if it is found that Council roots are contributing to the damage.  The Council may consider full or partial reimbursement of the cost depending on the evidence provided.)


  • Report vandalism to trees

Pruning, damaging, poisoning and removing a street tree is considered vandalism and penalties apply.

If you notice vandalism of a street tree occurring, please:

  • Take photographs on your mobile phone of the damage if possible and safe to do so.
  • Call Customer Service on (03) 6323 3000 if the vandalism is currently occurring
  • Report the vandalism to the City via customer general enquiry and feedback form if the vandalism has already occurred