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Say G'day on Bin Day aims to raise awareness about connecting with your neighbours. When neighbours know each other, our communities are safer and stronger. 

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Say G'day on Bin Day aims to raise awareness about connecting with your neighbours. When neighbours know each other, our communities are safer and stronger.

The campaign will take place across suburbs as part of the My Place My Future Plan and ABCDE Learning sites, distributed to the Northern Suburbs, Kings Meadows and Youngtown.

Put your sticker on your wheelie bin to let your neighbours know you’re ready to connect and say G’day. 

Use the resources below and discover more ways to connect with your neighbour and build a stronger community. We want to hear from you, share a selfie, tell us how you connected with your neighbour here.

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See these resource on how you can contribute to building a stronger community. Participate on Neighbour Day, join a social group and more. 

50 ways to do more good | Australian Red Cross

Neighbour Day | Relationships Australia

Browse Facebook for local "Community" groups such as Launceston Community GroupDilston Windermere Swan Bay Community, Legana Community ConnectYoungtown and Kings Meadows Community Group - ABCDE Learning Site or just search an interest of yours to see what other groups are in your area. 

How to connect with your neighbours on bin day

Next time you take the bins out - say "hello" to your neighbour! Any bin day is a good day to say g'day. Once you have connected there are many ways to help your neighbour:

  • bring in their bins
  • water their garden if they're away
  • keep an eye on their property if they are away
  • feed their chooks/look after a pet
  • share garden produce (someone always has a lemon tree!)
  • give them a tomato plant
  • borrow a cup of sugar
  • even just a friendly welcome note when someone new moves into the neighbourhood.


Did you know that getting to know your neighbour is a great way to solve potential disturbances?

Your neighbour may not be aware that they are causing you a noise disturbance. An effective solution to your noise problem is to talk to your neighbour.

Effective communication with your neighbour, and explaining to them how their noise disturbs your sleep, relaxation or work can be an effective way to resolve the noise issue.

Dealing with these issues early can help you avoid a dispute. 

About the Say G'day on Bin Day Campaign

Say G'day on Bin Day is a bin sticker campaign that will take place across suburbs as part of the My Place My Future Plan and ABCDE Learning sites, distributed to the Northern Suburbs, Kings Meadows and Youngtown in partnership with the Red Cross.

We want people to say hello or wave to their neighbour. Many people do not know their neighbour so we want to encourage a greater level of connectivity in our community. COVID has been a tough time for many people so this is an opportunity to reach out and just say "G'day". 

The campaign was concepted in City of Launceston's ABCDE Learning Site Community Workshop facilitated by Peter Kenyon, in November 2021. As a result, this community-led project had a focus on "get to know your neighbour" with a simple, but effective bin sticker campaign reminding us to connect with our neighbours. 

This campaign is supported by the Australian Red Cross ‘50 ways to do more good’ campaign, Relationships Australia and Australia Post - who have kindly donated their services to assist in delivering the Say G'day on Bin Day wheelie bin stickers. 

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Launceston - A Welcoming City

In 2018, City of Launceston embarked on an 18-month community consultation program called Tomorrow Together.  This program was the largest community consultation program ever undertaken by the City of Launceston.  

Almost half of participants in the survey were very uncomfortable or uncomfortable (49%) with the knowledge that Launceston’s population had grown very little over the past decade. However, in 2020 Launceston experienced some of the strongest population growth seen in recent years with over 750 new residents calling Launceston home.

Now is a wonderful time to make these new residents, who may be your new Neighbours, feel welcome in our beautiful city.