Builders and Owner Builders

Consider the following before you contract a builder or become an owner builder.

Choosing a builder

We all know what builders are and generally what they do but not all builders or building companies suit every job.

It is important to select your builder carefully, based on their area of experience and expertise.

As an example, some builders specialise in small alterations, some will only build new houses and there are builders and building companies who focus on large commercial projects.

Before contracting a potential builder for your project, ensure they are the right builder for your building project and check whether your selected builder is licensed

Owner Builders 

If you're planning on becoming an owner builder, check out the requirements and full information at the Department of Justice website.

The owner must engage a Building Surveyor and:

  • Take your completed plans to a Building Surveyor and tell them that you intend to be an owner builder
  • The application form is to be lodged at a Service Tasmania Shop with supporting documents, particularly insurance and training certificates as evidence of having undertaken the owner builder course and make the payment of the Owner Builder Permit fee.

To view additional information on the City of Launceston's Building Surveying Services page.