City Deal Measures of Success

The Australian Government's National Cities Performance Framework will track progress and performance across Australia's largest cities by providing data to help all levels of government, industry and the community to make the best policy and investment decisions for Australia's future.

The Launceston City Deal has been developed to position Launceston as one of Australia’s most liveable and innovative regional cities. Over the duration of the Launceston City Deal, success will be monitored through measures of employment, economic activity, amenity and project delivery. Other economic and social factors may impact on several of these measures, alongside the City Deal commitments.

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Measures of Success

Governance, city planning and regulation
  • Implement the Regional Economic Development Strategy
Achieve agreed load reduction targets for nutrients, suspended solids and enterococci concentrations in the kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary.


Infrastructure and investment
  •  Increase capacity for domestic and international enrolments at Launceston’s University of Tasmania campus by 10,000
  • Incorporate world class energy efficiency and water sensitive design in the new university campus.
Jobs and skills
  •  Improved labour market outcomes as measured by the unemployment rate, participation rate and employment growth
  • Deliver 20% of new construction jobs in the University of Tasmania campus redevelopment project as apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Increase Year 12 retention rates (from Year 10 to Year 12)
  • Meet Aboriginal employment targets
Innovation and digital opportunities
  •  Increase the net number of business registrations
  • Increase the number of partnerships between University of Tasmania academics and industry in the northern region
  • Deliver the Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LoRaWAN) to encourage innovation and business development using Internet of Things devices in the City of Launceston
  • Increase data traffic over LoRaWAN
Liveability and sustainability
  • Increase patronage of public transport
  • Increase attendance at cultural, sporting and community events by 15 per cent over a rolling 3 year period
  • Implement the City Heart project
  • Increased foot traffic in the CBD
  • Increase proportion of building approvals for non-detached dwellings across Launceston by 10 percentage points over a rolling 3 year period
  • Increase residential density in the CBD