Why Work With Us

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Experience impactful work, growth opportunities, and a supportive environment for your career development at the City of Launceston.

Our Values

At the heart of our organisation are our four organisational values. Our employees are expected to adhere to, support and promote our values at all times. Our aim is to attract and retain people who share our values and want to be a part of our positive and constructive workplace culture. Before submitting your application please review our values and decide if they are a good fit for you. 

Equal Opportunity

City of Launceston is an equal opportunity employer. Our workforce is diverse, inclusive, flexible and family-friendly.  We value the different backgrounds, skills and contributions of all employees and treat each other and our community with respect.  We want opportunities at City of Launceston to be accessible and attainable to all potential candidates. If you are interested in a role but have concerns about your suitability, please talk to us before submitting your application.

Employee Benefits
As an Employer of Choice, we strive to continuously improve key areas like Organisational Culture and Leadership, Employee Education, Training and Development, Health, Safety and Satisfaction, Performance Management, Recognition and Remuneration.

Leave Benefits and Entitlements

  • Annual leave: full-time employees are entitled to four (4) weeks (pro rata for part-time employees) annual leave per year, plus leave loading.
  • Personal/Carer's leave: full-time employees are entitled to two (2) weeks (pro-rata for part-time employees) personal leave per year, if they are unable to attend work due to personal illness/injury or to provide care for a spouse/partner or immediate family member.
  • Long Service Leave: Full-time employees covered by the City of Launceston Enterprise Agreement are entitled to 345.8 hours (equating to 45.5 days at 7.6 hours per day) Long Service Leave on ordinary pay upon completion of seven years continuous service with the employer. Part-time and casual employees accrue Long Service Leave on at a pro rata rate.
  • Paid parental leave: employees are entitled to fourteen weeks paid (or twenty eight weeks at half-pay) parental leave (for birth or adoption) for the primary carer. The secondary carer is entitled to two weeks paid leave for birth or adoption. Both the primary and secondary carer are also entitled to unpaid leave, where the total period of parental leave can be up to 52 weeks (including both paid and unpaid leave).
  • Additional leave: employees may request to purchase an additional two or four weeks leave per year to help manage family/carer responsibilities or other special circumstances.
  • Examination/Conference Leave: time-off without loss of pay or annual leave may be granted at the discretion of the Manager to Employees for the purposes of attending a formal examination or annual conference of any recognised institute or other body concerned with Local Government.
  • Community Service Leave: after twelve (12) months of continuous service, full time employees will be entitled to one (1) day (and part time Employees to 1 day pro rata) paid Community Service Leave.
  • Paid Special Leave: employees may be granted up to five days of Special Leave in any one year at each occurrence, up to a maximum of 10 days over four years for:
    • Attendance to emergency repairs at home to protect property as a result of storm, fire or flood; or
    • Participation as an amateur in national or international sporting or cultural events as a competitor, formal participant or official; or
    • Any other reason considered significant by a General Manager to warrant such leave. 
  • Family Violence Leave: an employee experiencing family violence will have access to fifteen (15) days, per twelve (12) month period, of paid Family Violence Leave. This includes casual employees, who will be paid at their full rate of pay, worked out as if the employee had worked the hours in the period for which the employee was rostered.

Rostered Days Off

Our employees enjoy a nine day fortnight in most operational areas and a nineteen day month for all other full time employees (except for our Senior Managers and the Executive Leadership Team).

Flexible Working Conditions

We are committed to providing a working environment that is sufficiently flexible to meet the operational requirement and workload demands of the City of Launceston while accommodating, where possible, the needs of our employees. We acknowledge the importance of employees maintaining a work-life-balance and can work with employees to organise their working arrangements in a more flexible way, subject to the employer's operational needs.

  • Working from home: arrangements to work from home may be negotiated on a case by case basis between the employee and the employee's leader in accordance with our Working from Home Policy.
  • Individual Flexibility: the Employer and Employees covered by the City of Launceston Enterprise Agreement may agree to make an Individual Flexibility Arrangement to vary the effect of any of the terms of the Enterprise Agreement contained in section 3 (Hours of work and working arrangements), section 4 (Wages, salaries, superannuation and allowances), and section 6 (Leave and public holidays) if the arrangement: Meets the genuine needs of the Employer and Employee and is genuinely agreed to by the Employer and Employee.

Learning and Development Opportunities

We are committed to ensuring our employees have access to the training and development they require to undertake their role, while also offering opportunities for career progression and professional and personal growth. This includes:

  • Education assistance:  we encourage employee development by providing monetary assistance for approved studies, which are of demonstrable value to both the City of Launceston and the employee.
  • Our employee development program: we support our people to realise their full potential. Our leadership and employee capabilities and personal development discussions process supports us to bring the best out of people today, and every day into the future.
  • New leader inductions: our new leader's induction provides an opportunity for new leaders to understand our approaches and initiatives, our plans and key policies to set them up for success in their role.
  • Job rotation and transfers:  we seek and support opportunities to multi-skill employees and provide experiences across different teams and working environments right across our organisation.
  • Secondments:  we provide opportunities for our employees to participate in a temporary transfer to another position. At the end of the secondment period, the incumbent returns to their substantive position.

Employee Wellbeing

We are committed to supporting the wellbeing of our people in many ways, including:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): employees have access to a free EAP service, which provides support and counselling for personal and work related issues, coaching and advice for leaders and counselling assistance for immediate family members. At City of Launceston our EAP provider is Newport & Wildman. Newport & Wildman, as part of Access EAP, is a nation-wide EAP provider that offers access to free and confidential face-to-face or phone counselling sessions at a time and location that works best for our people.
  • Workplace Mental Health: we are committed to building and promoting a workplace that promotes and supports the mental health and well-being of all of our employees. We do this by reducing the stigma around depression, anxiety and suicide, by supporting employees with a mental health condition, regardless of the cause, and by facilitating and encouraging employees' access and active participation in a range of initiatives that support mental health and well-being. We have implemented a Mental Health Policy and Procedure, including opportunities for our leaders and our employees to participate in Mental Health First Aid training.
  • Employee Wellbeing Program:  our WHS Committee members are highly engaged and very active across the organisation implementing initiatives, such as our employee wellbeing program to support and promote health and wellbeing.
  • Discounted memberships: at Launceston Leisure and Aquatic Centre, including the LAFit gym.
  • Vaccinations: free flu and COVID-19 vaccinations are offered to all employees prior to winter.

Corporate Health Insurance

Our employees have access to discounted health insurance options through St Luke's Health and BUPA.


Corporate Banking Benefits

Our employees have access to corporate banking benefits through MyState Bank, including a discounted home loan rate and additional interest on term deposits. 

Employee Engagement

We support our employees to actively engage in and enjoy opportunities to work with other employees across the organisation through our Values Champions, the Workplace Health and Safety Committee, the Joint Consultative Committee, and more! 


Workplace Culture

We have been working on developing a constructive and positive workplace culture since 2018 and we use the Human Synergistics Circuplex to help us do this.

Positive and constructive "blue behaviours" align really closely with our values of we bring an open mind, we care about our community, our people matter and we go home safe and well

Our values drive our culture, the way we plan, our conversations and interactions, our decisions, the way we go about our work and the way we provide services to our community.

Our Cultural Roadmap captures initiatives that we are implementing to continue to build a positive and constructive culture.