Health and Safety

Runner by the Tamar River

The City of Launceston encourages a healthy and safe municipality. 

This section has information that will help residents achieve this. 

Some other initiatives aimed at improving community well-being include:

Launceston Safer Communities Partnership

The Launceston Safer Community Partnership (LSCP) is an inter-organisational partnership which addresses community safety issues as they relate to the greater Launceston area.

LSCP Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month from 9am to 10.30am at Town Hall. 

For any community safety queries, please contact the Chairperson of LSCP by post: PO Box 396, Launceston. 

Alternatively, contact our Community Development department on 03 6323 3219 or email

Lock it or Lose it

The Lock it or Lose it initiative is a community safety campaign by the Launceston Safer Communities Partnership which encourages motorists to ensure sure they lock their cars, with the aim of reducing the occurrence of opportunistic theft.

As part of the campaign, posters and footpath stickers remind residents and tourists alike to lock and hide their valuables when parking their cars.

The Launceston Safer Communities Partnership approached Launceston College media students to create a short television advertisement to support the campaign. Three media studies teams took on the challenge and their videos can be sen below.