Event Forms

Band playing infront of crowd at a local event


Please return completed forms to either contactus@launceston.tas.gov.au or by visiting our Customer Service Centre

Event Notification Form

The Event Notification Form enables the Event Facilitation Team to assess whether any permits, licences and/or venue bookings are required. Documentation must be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks before an event to ensure there is sufficient time for relevant permit requirements to be met and issued.


Place of Assembly - Specific Event Application

 For events of 1000 people or more, present for 2+ hours.


Temporary Food Business Application

Required if you intend to serve food and drink at your event.


Weddings in Launceston Parks

Parks are public spaces and although we don't make bookings, we do ask wedding parties intending to use one of these spaces to let us know the following information. We'll then make a note in the calendar and if another group contacts us about the same date and location, we can let them know another wedding is taking place.