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Food Safety

DoFoodSafely Training

The City of Launceston takes food hygiene within our municipality very seriously. A free food safety training course is available and recommended for all food handlers, for more visit the DoFoodSafely Training page.


Foodborne illness

Foodborne illness is caused by not only commercial food premises. Unsafe food handling practices at home can also result in illness. To promote food safety awareness in our community, we recommend viewing the following links: 

Current consumer food recalls

Food can be recalled for a variety of reasons, such as having an undeclared allergen in the product, or the presence of foreign matter, such as plastic or metal in a food item.

Please view current food recalls and consumer advice for information on current consumer recalls.

The information available will detail the food item, the package description, date marking, and a photo of the product and provide advice on what you should do if you have the product in question.


Reporting a Food Safety Issue

City of Launceston Environmental Health Officers regulate food businesses in our municipality to ensure they have practices in place to produce safe food. 

If you suspect a safety or labelling issue connected with a food or food business, please notify us to ensure we are aware of the problem.

You will need to provide your name and contact information as well as details about the food in question and the food business from which it was purchased from. 

An Environmental Health Officer will investigate your concern and take action as required to improve food safety for our residents and visitors.

We will not act on your behalf for a refund, compensation or damages.

If you or someone under your care becomes ill and you suspect the illness is related to food that has been eaten, seek early medical attention.

View additional information about food safety complaints.