What is meant by zoning and what is my land zoned?

Each parcel of land has a zone (being a colour on a map) that defines what use and development may be undertaken.

Some parcels have unique characteristics and may also be subject to overlays and further code requirements. You can find the zoning of your land by visiting or calling our Customer Service Centre with two pieces of information (address/title reference/owner).

 To find out how your land is zoned visit Planning Scheme Maps, ListMaps or PlanBuild

When do I need to lodge a Development Application?

A requirement for a development application is determined by the zoning of the particular land parcel and what use and/or development to be undertaken.

In some cases, an application is not required. If one is required it might have a Permitted or Discretionary status, a Discretionary application having to be advertised to the public. You can check an application by contacting us with two pieces of information (address/title reference/owner) or via PlanBuild.

 By talking to us early in the planning process, we can assist you with the project design and provide important information up front.

If you would like to speak with a Town Planner, you can either:

What title documents are required for a development application?

A full copy of your Certificate of Title is required for a development application. The following documents are examples of the documents required - Folio Text(PDF, 954KB)Folio Plan(PDF, 557KB) and Schedule of Easements(PDF, 557KB). Note that not all titles have a schedule of easements and this will be listed in Schedule 2 on the Folio Text page if applicable. You will need to make sure that the owner as listed on the title documents match the owner on the application form. 

How do I access my title and how much does it cost?

Titles are available for purchase on The LIST website as follows. 

If you would like planning administration to access and purchase your title as part of your development application, an extra admin fee will be invoiced on top of The LIST fees above. 

What is the difference between the building and planning processes and approvals?

Planning determines what can be undertaken on land whereas building determines how a building is to be constructed to ensure the integrity of the building. It is strongly recommended that you ask what other approvals you may need when at the very start of your project. Most developments require some form of building approval.

How do I apply, how much does it cost and how long does it take to process my development application?

Applications can be made via email or in person at Council's Customer Service Centre. The fees are dependent on the status of your application and the value of the proposed works. See general fees here. Similarly, the time taken to assess your application depends on the status and complexity of your project.


What if my property is heritage listed?

You can find out if your property is listed by visiting or calling our Customer Service Centre with two pieces of information (address/title reference/owner). This may impose some additional controls on the development you wish to undertake. Your property may also be listed by the Tasmanian Heritage Council


How do I apply for a minor amendment or extension to an existing planning permit?

In some circumstances, a minor change may be possible to a Planning Permit.

The change must meet the requirements set by the legislative requirements of Section 56 of the Land Use Planning Approvals Act 1993 . It is important to check with the Council to see if the amendment meets the requirements of the Act.

An Amendment Form(PDF, 82KB) must be lodged with a covering letter to explain the proposed change along with plans, where applicable, and the relevant fee. We suggest you call the planner who assessed your application to discuss whether the proposed changes would be acceptable. 

In some instances, you will need to extend the life of your permit. 

The Application to extend an existing Planning Permit form can be found here(PDF, 161KB) . You will need to provide details on why the extension is required, and pay the applicable fee.

Do I need a permit to clear vegetation on my property?

Certain codes, overlays, and specific area plans include controls on vegetation removal, including but not necessarily limited to Scenic Management, Heritage, Natural Values, and the Cataract Gorge Management Area. Therefore, if such an overlay applies it is most likely an application is necessary.

Please contact us to help.


Do I need a permit to fence my property?

Some zones impose controls relating to the construction of fences. Side and rear fences are generally dealt with under exemptions, except for heritage listed properties. Check the requirements for your zone. Adjoining neighbour concerns in relation to the side and rear boundary fences are a civil matter. For more information see the Tasmanian Legal Aid Commission's  Fact Sheet or Boundary Fence Act 1908.


Do I need a permit for a shed?

This is dependent on the zone of your land and the proposed shed size. You can find the zoning of your land by visiting or calling our Customer Service Centre with two pieces of information (address/title ref/owner).


Do I need a permit for signage?

Most new signs require approval, therefore a Development Application for a Planning Permit is required. Most existing signs can be refaced without a further application.


How do I submit a representation to a development application?

Discretionary applications are advertised for public comment.

If you have any concern with an advertised Development Application, you can make a written representation to the Chief Executive Officer during the prescribed advertising period. Address your objection to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Launceston, PO Box 396, Launceston TAS 7250 or email contactus@launceston.tas.gov.au. If a report on a development application matter goes to a Council meeting, the full content of the submission is included in the report and becomes available for public access. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the author of the submission to make sure that what is written is factual, fair and reasonable, and is not defamatory against any person.

I wish to rent a room and/or my property out for Visitor Accommodation (Airbnb, Stayz), do I need planning approval?

Depending on the zoning of your land will depend on what level of application is required. Please contact our Customer Service team or our planning department to find out more information. 

Email: planning.queries@launceston.tas.gov.au

Phone: 6323 3220