Economic Profile

City View looking over the Kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary  

The Launceston Economic Profile is a fantastic resource covering a range of issues. 

The Profile has been designed to assist Council as well as local businesses, potential investors, prospective new residents, researchers, students and media organisations understand the local economy and to attract investment to the region.

The profile provides valuable insights into Launceston’s workforce, highlights opportunities for import replacement and captures the role of tourism in the local economy.

It incorporates engaging economic data, dynamic thematic mapping, time series analysis, building statistics and economic indicators. The Profile has been designed to be easy to use and is an ideal resource for sharing information.

The statistics in the Profile have come from various reliable data sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Education and other federal departments.

If you've started, or are considering starting, a new business in Launceston please contact us.

Demographic Data

The City of Launceston collaborates with  Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation to provide a Community Profile,  Community Atlas, and Economic Profile of the City and the Northern Region of Tasmania.

The free statistics derived from Census and modelled data show the economic and population characteristics of our community, how they have changed over time and how they compare to other areas. It can assist the Council, the general public, students, community groups, business and investors. 

The Community Atlas provides maps of 70 characteristics (such as population, income and education) across the municipality. 

More information and data: NTDC and Launceston data

Economic Development Strategy

The City of Launceston Economic Development Strategy provides the framework and directions to facilitate and promote Launceston’s economic development over the next five years.

The Strategy’s focus is on the mutually-reinforcing and complementary relationship between improvements in economic activity, community well-being, cultural diversity, a sense of ‘place’ and the environment.

Horizon 2021 is aligned with Council’s Corporate Planning Framework and has been prepared in the context of the City’s broader program of work and strategic objectives. It also aligns with wider regional goals as articulated in the Greater Launceston Plan. 

Horizon 2021 identifies specific activities for which the City of Launceston can take the lead and others where Council will play a support role to other agencies and organisations driving the initiatives concerned. Delivering actions to support the foundations for growth,

Horizon 2021 provides a ‘blueprint’ for enhancing economic vibrancy, sustainability and liveability in the City of Launceston." 

View the Economic Development Strategy here.(PDF, 2MB)