Cimitiere St set for re-opening late next week

Published on 11 May 2018


The City of Launceston plans to re-open a section of Cimitiere Street to traffic at the end of next week.

In recent months the Council has overseen a major reconstruction of Cimitiere St, between Tamar and Lawrence Streets, to rebuild a failing section of road.

Because we are now entering the winter period, a spray seal of the road between Tamar and Willis Streets will take place before the road is re-opened next week, with the section between Willis St and Lawrence St remaining a gravel surface until it is spray sealed later this month. 

The stockpiles of milled materials from the road works will be removed from the site early next week.

A permanent asphalt seal of the road will be undertaken once weather conditions allow, which is anticipated to be in November.

City of Launceston General Manager Michael Stretton said that the temporary spray seal would allow businesses to return to normal operations in the area and no further road closures would be necessary to finalise the project.

"Throughout the project, we committed to the businesses in the area that we would re-open the road as soon as humanly practicable, and we know motorists are eager to see the road open as well," Mr Stretton said.

"We're now comfortable with opening the road back up, and the last pieces of work we need to do won't require a road closure. The Council will ensure that the road sealing work ahead will have no further impact upon the businesses in the area.

"We would ask motorists to drive to the conditions and be aware of any temporary traffic measures that may be in place in the weeks ahead.

"We would also like to thank the businesses in the area, together with general public, for their patience during this important and complex project.

"The works were necessary as this section of road had reached the end of its life, and the work we've undertaken will ensure this important East-West link is fit for purpose for decades to come."