Council meeting live stream impacted

Published on 03 September 2020

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Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, our live stream of today's Council meeting dropped out about half-way through.

 To recap those items that were not live streamed:

 13.1: Pedestrian and Bike Committee Meeting, the minutes were received by the Council.

 14.1: Council Workshop Report, was endorsed by the Council.

 16.1: Petition Response - Rejection of a Proposal/DA for a Composting Facility on the property Dunedin at St Leonards.

Council adopted the recommendation that it 1) notes the advice regarding the statutory process for the assessment of DA0029/2020, and 2) advises the petitioners that the matter will be considered by Council sitting as a Planning Authority following the determination made by the Environmental Protection Authority.

 Council received a petition containing 104 signatures, which called on Council to reject the Development Application for a composting facility in Leonards "because of the impact it will have on the local residents and ratepayers".

 The Development Application is classed as a Level 2 activity under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA) and is subject first to assessment by the EPA, who will consider and make a determination.

 Once that has occurred, the Development Application will come back to Council for consideration in accordance with the Launceston Interim Planning Scheme (2015) within 42 days of the EPA decision.

 All representors will receive notification when the DA is scheduled for a Council meeting.

 16.2 Customer Service Charter

The Council adopted its updated Customer Service Charter. A copy of the charter is available on the Council's website in the agenda section for today's meeting.

 16.3 City of Launceston Municipal Emergency Management Plan, was adopted by Council.

 17.1 QVMAG Quarterly Activity Report, June to August 2020

The report was received by the Council and a copy is available on the Council's website in the agenda section for today's meeting.

 19.1 Lease - TS Tamar Cadets

The Council unanimously agreed to lease an area of land at 78 Paterson Street, known as Home Point Parade, to the Navy League of Australia TS Tamar Cadet Unit.


For all the details of today's Council meeting, go to the Agenda section on our website.


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