Media matters: Carr Villa Memorial Park reminder notices

Published on 02 October 2020

Carr Villa entrance

In the wake of recent media reporting about the management of Carr Villa Memorial Park, we wanted to take this opportunity to outline the facts.

We recently posted some notices in the Claygrove, Kooyong and Rose Garden ash placement areas of Carr Villa Memorial Park reminding people of the safety issues caused by breakable items like glass and porcelain, when it comes to maintaining the park.

Subsequent media reporting caused confusion and upset for many people with family members interred at this important community facility. 

Carr Villa Memorial Park is separated into different zones, including a lawn cemetery, ash placement gardens, a monument cemetery, and memorial walls.

Different areas of Carr Villa have different interment options, with different standards. These are discussed in detail with families when they are deciding on a place of interment for a departed loved one.

Families often choose areas of Carr Villa to inter loved ones specifically because these standards are in place, and that is why we issue reminders about breakable items from time to time — so that everyone's needs are respected.

In areas like the ash placement gardens, for example, we provide free multiple-use recyclable plastic vases, because breakable items like glass jars, bottles and porcelain vases can hinder maintenance works, including mowing and brush-cutting.

This can present a safety hazard for staff and visitors.

Given it's now Spring, vegetation is growing, and we expect visitation to increase over the warmer months, we recently posted a reminder notice in the Claygrove, Kooyong and Rose Garden ash placement areas.

This was a reminder that breakable items like jars, bottles and ornaments can pose a hazard to visitors and staff. It applies to those specific ash placement gardens — not graves in other parts of the park.

Along with mitigating safety hazards, we also want to ensure we meet the expectations of visitors that the gardens are uncluttered and well maintained, and that standards are adhered to.

We find we have excellent cooperation and compliance when these notices are posted, and we rarely have to approach families to discuss specific issues.

The team we have at Carr Villa are very conscious of the importance of this public space to families and the community and will always seek to deal with these kinds of issues in an open, sensitive and respectful manner.