A range of on and off-street parking options are available across Launceston to support ease of access for motorists across the city.

Various zoned time limits are in place for on-street parking to encourage the regular turnover of visitors across key city destinations. Relevant parking rules are provided at each parking meter city-wide, along with additional on-street signage.

Motorists have a responsibility to adhere to the parking rules when parking across the city. Motorists can make parking payments via available parking meters - with all CBD meters accepting both card and cash payments - or via the EasyPark mobile phone app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I catch the free Tiger Bus?

The Tiger Bus is a free transport service throughout the central city district, running seven days a week between November to April. 

Four travel routes are on offer;

  • Commuter Run - a dedicated route taking people from Inveresk to the City centre before and after working hours between Monday and Friday.
  • River Explorer Run - this route passes locations such as the Seaport, QVMAG, Royal Park, Princes Square and the CBD.
  • City Explorer Run - Acting as the largest route for the free Tiger Bus, this route passes key locations such as the CBD, the Launceston General Hospital, Princes Square, City Park and the Launceston Leisure and Aquatic Centre.
  • Cataract Gorge Run - this route will take you all the way to the iconic Cataract Gorge, passing through Launceston's CBD along the way.


View the Tiger Bus timetable at Metro Tasmania

The free Tiger Bus operates on all public holidays, excluding ANZAC Day, Good Friday, Recreation Day and Christmas Day.

How do I use the EasyPark parking app?

Using the EasyPark parking app offers a flexible option for parking across the City. The app allows for you to choose your parking location, and easily start/finish your parking within the relevant time zone limits. The app allows you to register your vehicle's registration number for easy parking payments across the City. 

Download EasyPark for iOS

Download EasyPark for Android

How do I only pay for the time I use?

Parking machines will allow motorists to estimate the amount of parking time they need through a payment of cash or card (within the permitted time limits for each area). Payment is needed at commencement of parking in any given zone. 

Additionally, motorists can use the EasyPark mobile phone app that allows users to pay for, and extend, parking based on their specific needs (within the permitted time limits for each area). EasyPark allows motorists to enter their vehicle registration number and easily manage their parking on their phone, offering more flexibility.

Download EasyPark for iOS

Download EasyPark for Android

How do I report a parking meter fault?

If you experience an issue while using a City of Launceston on-street parking meter, please contact our Customer Service Centre and provide a description of the issue. Your vehicle details will also be recorded. Parking Technicians can then investigate the issue and rectify the problem as soon as possible. If an infringement is issued within the time of the reported fault this will be appropriately considered.

Please note: if a parking meter is not operating correctly, you are expected to pay for parking using an alternative meter or the EasyPark mobile phone app. If this is not possible the time limit on the meter still applies.

If faults are not reported to our Customer Service Centre on 6323 3000 and you ultimately receive an infringement, an application to withdraw infringement form will need to be completed.

The outcome of your application will be determined based on our records for the related parking meter.  If there is no record of a fault being experienced and/or repaired by Parking Technicians the infringement notice may not be withdrawn.

How do I apply to withdraw an infringement notice?

You can apply to withdraw an infringement notice either online or in-person at the Town Hall Customer Service Centre. 

Online: Apply to withdraw your infringement notice

In person: Customer Service Centre, Town Hall, 18-28 St John Street, Launceston


What on-street parking restrictions apply around the Hospital?

There are a number of on-street parking restrictions around the LGH precinct to enable turnover of vehicles and provide short-term parking to patients and visitors. Please check the time zone signs when parking your vehicle to ensure you are permitted to park for the length of your visit.

Withdrawal of infringements received during an emergency will be considered on a case-by-case basis. An application for withdrawal needs to be submitted.

Can I organise a payment arrangement for my infringement?

You can apply for a payment arrangement online or in-person at the Town Hall Customer Service Centre. 

Online: Apply for a payment arrangement

In person: Customer Service Centre, Town Hall, 18-28 St John Street, Launceston


Where can I find accessible parking locations?

There are a number of accessible parking bays across central Launceston. Locations include:

  • Benders Lane
  • Brisbane Street
  • Cameron Street
  • Charles Street
  • George Street
  • St John Street
  • Vincent Street

Visit our Accessible Parking page to learn more about zones, time limits and locations for these bays.

Are there bike cages across Launceston?

Absolutely. Bicycle cages are provided in Paterson West, Paterson East and CH Smith car parks. Bicycle racks are available throughout the Central Business District and other activity centres.


Where can I find motorcycle and scooter parking across Launceston?

Motorcycle and scooter parking is available across the City in both an on-street and off-street capacity.

Dedicated parking bays for motorcycles and scooters are located at the following carparks;

  • Paterson Street East
  • Cameron Street
  • Elizabeth Street
  • Windmill Hill Memorial Hall (Launceston Aquatic Centre)

Normal parking fees apply.

View our online parking map and app gallery