Homelessness Support

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Understanding Homelessness

Someone experiencing homelessness does not have a primary residence. They do not have a safe, secure, ongoing, reliable, and affordable place to live and sleep.

Many are not visibly homeless. Homelessness comes in many forms, this includes:

• Persons living in improvised dwellings, tents or sleeping out.

• Persons in supported accommodation

• Persons staying temporarily with other households

• Persons living in boarding houses

• Persons in other temporary lodgings

• Persons living in severely crowded dwellings

Homelessness Advisory Committee

The Homelessness Advisory Committee aims to provide an intrinsic link between the Council and key stakeholders, and to provide advice and recommendations to the organisation on emerging issues and matters relating to homelessness in Launceston. The committee also allows for representation from neighbouring councils in order to support a regional approach to addressing homelessness

Further Action

Learn more about the City's initiatives and not-for-profits addressing homelessness and how you can help.

Download the Homelessness, how can I help? brochure