Parking meters

1 hour meters: $3.00 per hour
3 hour meters: $2.50 per hour
9 hour meters: $1.00 per hour

If a meter is faulty, please report this to our Customer Service Centre. Exemptions from parking fines may apply.


Car Parks

Please see our full list of car parks for specific fees.

In August 2016 we introduced self-serve payment stations in multi-storey car parks.

This means drivers will now be issued a voucher upon entry to the car park. Drivers will then need to pay at the automated stations on the ground floor before returning to their vehicle.

The system is used across the country and intends to reduce queuing times at exit points. There will be no change to fees, free parking periods or Pensioner Parking Scheme.

 For assistance regarding City of Launceston car parks, please contact out Customer Service team on (03) 6323 3000