Our Vision, Mission and Values

City of Launceston crest  













Launceston is proud of its heritage and is a vibrant and inclusive community that is creative and sustainable, inspired by its diverse opportunities and rich natural environment.


We work together as one organisation to deliver quality and innovative services to our community.



  • We behave ethically
  • We tell the truth
  • We keep our commitments
  • We meet both the spirit and intent of the law


  • We care about people and the community in which we live
  • We operate safely
  • We are environmentally responsible
  • We strengthen the community   


  • We value diversity and respect the dignity of each person
  • We value differences in people and perspectives
  • We build relationships based on mutual trust
  • We recognise the contributions of every individual 


  • We lead the way
  • We have the courage and creativity to shape the future
  • We have the discipline to manage risk
  • We act decisively in a timely manner


  • We work together to achieve superior results
  • We share ideas and talents to develop solutions
  • We support and rely on each other
  • We value clear and open communication 


  • We take responsibility for our actions
  • We live our values
  • We set clear goals, measure results and seek to improve
  • We build and protect the Launceston brand and reputation 

  • Our Customer Service Charter can be found in Strategies, Reports and Policy.