Our Vision, Mission and Values

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Launceston is proud of its heritage and is a vibrant and inclusive community that is creative and sustainable, inspired by its diverse opportunities and rich natural environment.


We work together as one organisation to deliver quality and innovative services to our community.


Our people matter

  • we value clear and open communication
  •  we support and encourage each other
  • we respect diversity
  • we recognise individual needs, experience and strengths 


We care about our community

  • we take pride in our work and pursue a standard of excellence
  • we genuinely listen, and value collaborative relationships
  • we strive towards the best outcome for our community
  • we make responsible and sustainable decisions 


We bring an open mind

  • we actively seek opportunities to continuously improve
  • we respect and explore different ideas and perspectives
  • we embrace change that leads to positive outcomes
  • we value innovation and creativity


We go home safe and well

  • we show care for people and look out for one another
  • we speak up and support others to be healthy and safe
  • we take personal responsibility for our own health and wellbeing
  • we value work-life fit