2018 Heritage Snap! Awards presented

Published on 29 May 2018

heritage snap med.jpg

The City of Launceston yesterday presented its 2018 Heritage Snap! Awards.

The Heritage Snap! program was launched in 2014, as part of the Council's Heritage Awards, and comprises a youth photography competition with a different theme each year.

Open to entrants of school age in three age categories, Heritage Snap! aims to encourage young people to take an interest in the history and built heritage of Launceston. 

With the surge in development of sites of historic significance around Launceston and the re-development of the city's public spaces through the Launceston City Heart Project, the theme for this year's Heritage Snap! was 'New and Old', exploring stories of the city's buildings and structures, and how they have evolved over time.

Entrants were encouraged to explore the city and photograph the architecture or scenes that interested them, focussing on how places have changed or expanded. 

The judging panel was made up of former National Trust chairman Ray Foley, professional photographer Thomas Ryan, and City of Launceston urban design and heritage planner Fiona Ranson.

The Grades 3 - 6 category saw 11 entries.

Judges commendations were awarded to Ally Wilson, 10, and Isabella Hutton, 10.

Ally Wilson - RENEW.jpg

"Renew" by Ally Wilson.

Isabella Hutton - Cotton On.jpg

 "Cotton On" by Isabella Hutton.

The overall Grades 3 - 6 category winner was Isobel Miller, 9, for her photograph titled 'Complimentary Structures'.

Isobel Miller - Complimentary Structures.jpg

"Complimentary Structures" by Isobel Miller.

 The Grades 7 - 10 category saw 9 entries.

Judges commendations were awarded to Alexandra Phillips, 16, and Charlotte Hutton, 12.

Alexandra Phillips - Customs in Colour.jpg

"Customs in Colour" by Alexandra Phillips.


Charlotte Hutton - Old and New.jpg

"Old and New" by Charlotte Hutton. 

The overall winner of the Grades 7 - 10 category was Andreas Edwards, 13, for his photograph 'Tafe buildings through time'.

Andreas Edwards - Tafe buildings through time.jpg

"Tafe buildings through time" by Andreas Edwards.

The Grades 11 - 12 category saw three entries.

 The winner was Holly Leonard, 17, for her photograph titled 'Development of the Silos'.

Holly Leonard - Development of the Silos.jpg

"Development of the Silos" by Holly Leonard.