Carr Villa Memorial Park

Published on 04 September 2020



The City of Launceston is aware of criticism aired in the media suggesting that Carr Villa Memorial Park does not cater to families from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

In fact, Carr Villa Memorial Park is a non-denominational community facility which caters to Northern Tasmanian families from a wide range of different cultural and religious backgrounds.

It is set on 50ha of land at Kings Meadows and is separated into different zones, including a lawn cemetery, a monument cemetery, and memorial walls. 

Carr Villa Memorial Park prides itself on the assistance and support it has provided to Northern Tasmanian families in need over many years.

It should go without saying that we have worked hand-in-hand with many families to accommodate the interment requirements of people from religious backgrounds as diverse as Hinduism, Islam, Russian Orthodox, Puritan, Catholic and many others.

The City of Launceston will continue to work in good faith to ensure Carr Villa Memorial Park best serve the needs of Northern Tasmanians from all cultures into the future.

We are open to discussions with anyone who believes we can better cater to people of different cultural or religious backgrounds.

We would ask anyone with concerns around our policies to discuss those concerns with us so that we can work together to find positive solutions.