Council to consult on Homelessness: statement of Commitment

Published on 08 February 2024


The City of Launceston has unanimously voted to send its draft Homelessness: Statement of Commitment out for community consultation.

The draft Homelessness: Statement of Commitment document sets out the City of Launceston's vision for a united cohesive approach to addressing homelessness in Launceston.

City of Launceston Mayor Matthew Garwood said the document was the product of some incredibly hard work and had been developed utilising feedback from many stakeholders.

"Those involved have included outreach workers, people with lived experience of homelessness, interest groups, the homelessness advisory committee, non-profit organisations and the broader community," Mayor Garwood said.

"The strategy has also been informed by current and world leading research into homelessness. Launceston is experiencing homelessness at a rate that it has never experienced before.

"While homelessness has existed in our community since Launceston was established, it has become more prominent with increases to the cost of living and the COVID-19 pandemic, sparking ongoing financial, social and housing stress.

"We know that there are so many factors for those being impacted by homelessness, which highlights the complex social challenge.

"As this situation has evolved, the City of Launceston has actively engaged in the space and sought to better understand the role our organisation can play alongside the other important contributions from essential service providers and tiers of government.

The Council has taken a number of steps to engage with service and support agencies, and those experiencing homelessness, culminating in the development of this strategic document. "This statement is the next step forward for the City of Launceston in addressing the situation of homelessness in our City.

"It will enable the City of Launceston to act strategically in its response, with a person centred, dignity-first focus.

"While the Council will continue to explore a range of opportunities to assist those doing it tough and the wider community, this statement is the framework within which we'll act."

Mayor Garwood said community consultation on the Homeless: Statement of Commitment document was expected to roll out in coming weeks.


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