Launceston Tool Library project gathering steam

Published on 08 December 2021


The discovery of a set of abandoned tools is among the strangest roadside finds made by City of Launceston street-sweeping veteran Ross Brent in a career spanning more than 35 years.

Earlier this year Mr Brent discovered the tools, which are estimated to be worth more than $6000, on the side of the road near Kings Bridge before handing them in to Tasmania Police.

Last month police invited Mr Brent to take possession of the tools, as the original owner had not been located.

Mr Brent has instead opted to donate the tools to the Launceston Tool Library, a new initiative being developed in partnership between the Youngtown Rotary Men's Shed and the City of Launceston.

Late last year, as part of the Council's Kings Meadows Learning Site program, the Men's Shed and the Council began discussing the establishment of a Launceston Tool Library; a place where tools could be lent out to the general public in the same way books are borrowed from a library.

The Rotary Club of Youngtown and Rotary Club of Kings Meadows have secured $35,000 in funding through the Tasmanian Community Fund for an extension to their existing building to house the new Launceston Tool Library, and the Council has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Youngtown club to make the project a reality.

Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said that when complete, the Launceston Tool Library would provide a new service to the community, reduce resource consumption, and divert waste from landfill.

"The goal of the Launceston Tool Library is in line with both the circular economy principle of keeping products and materials in use, but also supports the sharing economy by promoting the sharing of under-utilised resources," Mayor van Zetten said.

"Tools can be expensive and it often doesn't make good financial sense to spend money on buying a tool you may only need for a five-minute repair job around the home.

"That's where the Launceston Tool Library will be a fantastic community resource and donations like Mr Brent's are going to make a real difference as this fantastic project gathers steam."