Motorists advised to plan for Cimitiere St intersection works

Published on 13 February 2018


Motorists are advised to expect disruptions to traffic at the intersection of Cimitiere and Tamar Streets this weekend, and to plan their routes accordingly.

With a major upgrade of Cimitiere Street between Tamar and Lawrence Streets set to begin in late February, preliminary intersection works will cause some disruptions to traffic this weekend.

The Cimitiere-Tamar street intersection will be closed to traffic from 7pm on Friday, February 16 and will re-open on Monday, February 19.



Local traffic will still be permitted through the affected streets, but access to parts of Cimitiere and Tamar Streets approaching the intersection will be closed off to other motorists.

The Willis St Car Park will remain open as a convenient option for people wishing to access the Albert Hall, as will the Cimitiere-Cameron St Car Park when not being utilised for the Harvest Market. Pedestrian access will remain open.

General Manager Michael Stretton said the initial works scheduled for the weekend would allow the Council to accelerate the overall works program, which is scheduled to begin on February 26.

"Doing some initial works now will allow us to have a shorter overall project timeline later down the track," Mr Stretton said.

"The Cimitiere Street upgrade works have been designed to replace a segment of the road which has reached the end of its life.

"This stretch of road is simply not built to the standard required nowadays for contemporary traffic volumes.

"Over the years, it has been resealed and upgraded a number of times, and the Council has worked hard to extract every possible day out of its lifespan.

"But given the street's importance as an east to west link, it's come to the point where we need to excavate the road and start again with proper base materials, appropriate subsoil drainage and reconstruction to contemporary standards.

"We've timed the works to avoid clashes with big events like Festivale and Symphony Under the Stars, but there's obviously no ideal time to undertake a project like this.

"We hope people will bear with us during the works, because renewing and improving our infrastructure is important for any contemporary city.

"We'll be working to maintain access to all businesses in the area during construction.

"We'll also be undertaking an accelerated program to have the project completed in the shortest amount of time possible. We'll keep the community updated on the project as the official start date approaches on February 26."