WBBL heading back to Launceston

Published on 06 June 2019


 Women's Big Bash cricket will be hosted at Invermay Park for the first time this summer.

 City of Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said he was delighted to have Tasmania's WBBL team, the Hurricanes, back in Launceston for season 2019-20.

 Mayor van Zetten said the WBBL match will be played at Invermay Park due to the resurfacing of the University of Tasmanian Stadium surface.

 "The Invermay Park ground is a top-class venue, which hosts grade cricket on a weekly basis. Our ground-staff take just as much care to the Invermay Park ground as they do the main stadium," Mayor van Zetten said.

 "Big Bash cricket has been a revelation here in the North of the state, that's a fact given the crowds we've been able to attract over the past two years.

 "We know women make up almost half of all Big Bash crowds in Tasmania, with 48 per cent of attendees being women.

 "The WBBL Hurricanes' players are role models for young girls and women taking up the sport - with huge numbers now playing cricket through school and clubs.

 "We certainly look forward to hosting games this season, and look forward to hosting the two new Hurricanes' recruits Tayla Vlaeminck and Nicola Carey - players who have already been capped at a national level.

 "I have no doubt the cricket-loving public of the North will get right behind this fixture."

 Cricket Australia will release the upcoming Big Bash schedule for on June 12.